Soccer Streams: How to watch Premier League Streams

Among the most loved football leagues in the world, the Barclays Premier League is watched worldwide, and football fans across the globe wait on new seasons to start. The 19/20 season is just around the corner, ready for kick-off in the second week of August 2019.

Reddit Soccer Streams

Looking at the kind of players the league boasts, it is only natural that many consider EPL to be the best football league in the world. The likes of Sergio Aguero, Paul Pogba, Mohd. Salah, and Sadio Mane, who are among the best footballers in the world today play in the EPL.

Apart from the best players in the business, the league boasts legendary managers like Pep Guardiola and Jurgen Klopp, who have both had a fantastic 18/19 season, both of whose’ sides came in first and second respectively.

Moreover, the competitive nature of the league sets it apart from the other European leagues where there are no more than half a dozen good teams. With the Premier League, all the 20 teams that participate are almost on par with one another and any of them can prove to be a beast of a team at home. With the fans cheering and flags waiving in every stand, even giant outfits like Manchester City and Liverpool find it hard to win away from home.

Looking at the intriguing nature of the league, it is only natural that fans across the globe are wondering how to watch 19/20 premier league season online, now that the Reddit streams have been banned.

What happened to Reddit Soccer streams?

The live stream links on Reddit were shared across platforms and users would send these links on Reddit threads. The huge number of Premier league fans meant that the number of links circulated online became too high.

This was in breach with the Reddit-Premier league agreement and the streams shut down in February of 2019. This came both as a surprise and a disappointment as the timing of the ban was just before the most awaited season of the premier league.

With the transfers happening across the globe, the face of world football has changed completely. The top teams will set up in completely different forms and Premier league fans were all eager to watch it unfold as the new signings donned their new jersey.

After the thread moderators on Reddit were notified about the copyright infringement on the telecast links, the matter took a turn for the worse and the soccer streaming on Reddit was banned.

This has meant that fans across the globe are left panicking and wondering how to watch 2019/20 premier league season online.

Where Can Fans Live Stream Their Soccer Legally?

Even though there will be no more Reddit soccer streams for Premier League fans, there are other ways online to live stream the competition.

In case of games that are to be telecasted on SkySports, viewers that have a SkySports package can stream their favorite matches on Sky Go or the SkySports Application on mobile data or wi-fi. Those who do not have the package and wish to watch the SKySports matches, there is still time for them to go ahead and buy the package online.

For the matches that are to be telecasted on BT sports, viewers can use the channel application to live to stream their favorite football matches.

Apart from these gateways, people that have an EE phone plan can also watch their favorite team play online. All they need to do is sign up for a month for free, text SPORT at 150 and cash into the most competitive soccer action on the planet.

Once the trial period is over, viewers can either chose to cancel the subscription or pay anywhere between $3 to $7 to continue their subscription.

What TV Channels Will Telecast Premier League In UK & US?

Apart from the online options, fans in the UK and the US should know what channels will telecast Premier League matches for them apart from knowing how to watch 19/20 premier league season online.

In the UK, the rights have been given to 2 channels on TV, namely, SkySports and BT Sports. Some of the matches will be telecasted on the former, while others on the latter. Fans can use the application of these channels to live stream the game online.

In the US, the premier league will be telecasted on NBC Sports. There are no alternative channels for premier league fans in the US. The former is the only channel where they can watch their premier league action.

Minutes From Kick-Off

Arguably the most awaited Premier League season is just around the corner. Guardiola’s Manchester City or Klopps’ Liverpool, who among the two is going to strike gold this time? Or there will be a new winner, a surprise triumph like the one pulled off by Leicester City? Watch it unfold from the second week of August. Now, that you know how to watch 19/20 premier league season online and offline, buckle up for a roller-coaster ride on the most engaging footballing action on the planet.

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