When will Premier League Restart? Possible scenarios

With the sports world in shambles right now due to the outbreak of coronavirus, we can only speculate and listen to the news to see when things will be back. With all major football championships including Premier League being shut down by the spread of COVID-19 football lovers have no matches to watch.

There are actually tentative dates at the moment that are giving an approximate timeline of when things will start to re-open and when we could see Premier League football again in the near future. What should be stated first is that none of the situations and plans above are with fans in the crowds. When the Premier League restarts, they will most likely be played behind closed doors and football fans will have to watch on the television.

Before the pandemic, we would be furious if sports were played without fans, but now it is like we are begging for football to be back without fans. It would be a massive sign of hope because of the important role that the Premier League has in England and around the world. France has already announced that they will not be playing the rest of the Ligue 1 season, so our fingers are crossed that English Premier League does not follow their example. The time frame that experts are reportedly thinking about the Premier League restarting are currently in the late part of May at the best.  The delay could also prove to be much longer, but it is too uncertain to get a set date.

What is a Realistic Date?

The most realistic and concrete date that the Premier League will restart on is June 8th according to Talk Sport. It seems realistic that they could pull it off with no fans if the number of daily deaths and new COVID-19 diagnoses continue to trend down all throughout Europe. Keep in mind that the June 8th date is very tentative, and a lot of moving pieces need to align for this to happen.

Certain doctors are being very skeptical about the June 8th date and think we are being irrational and not considering others that could be affected by the virus. There are 92 games left for clubs and that means that there is a lot of football to be played. With Liverpool at the top and poised to win a title, they are eager to get things started and get out on the pitch for some Premier League football.

Is There Motivation to Not Restart the Premier League?

There is a speculation that less successful teams in the league might be actually trying to stall things possibly. Clubs at the bottom of the Premier League might not be as eager to restart things because they are on the verge of relegation and being dropped from the league. So, they do not have that many incentives to start and could be hoping that the season is canceled so they will not be demoted.

Demotion is a huge loss for a club as it usually causes a massive decrease in funds and number of match tickets being sold. So, maybe they are hoping that we continue to not play until next season? That is all speculation and opinion, so who knows where their heads are at and what they want to happen.

Teams currently that could be in the running to be demoted are Norwich City, Aston Villa, Bournemouth, Watford, and West Ham United. Who knows what date Premier League football will restart? But when it does, we will welcome it with open arms! It looks like the Premier League Soccer Streams will have to wait a little bit longer before viewers will be able to enjoy Live Soccer Streams online. Soccer Streams is a big business these days, most popular website to Stream Premier League is defenitely Totalsportek and SoccerStreams100. Both websites bring in a lot of Football fans who are in need of Soccer these days.


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